The “Nerd Girl” Project

^ That pretty much explains it doesn’t it? I’m a girl and a nerd. We’re out there and yes, we do exist. But what is a “nerd” exactly? It’s almost socially acceptable to call yourself a nerd. Though if memory serves me correctly this wasn’t always the case. I doubt “Dork” or “Geek” will gain as much popularity as this simple four letter word.

nerd or nurd  (nɜːd) — n

1. a boring or unpopular person, esp one obsessed with something specified: a computer nerd
2. a stupid and feeble person

Ouch. Harsh much?

 an unstylish, unattractive, or socially inept person;especially : one slavishly devoted to intellectual or academic pursuits <computer nerds>
— nerd·i·ness  noun
— nerd·ish adjective
 nerdy adjective
Webster… you’re not much better.  But strange enough I don’t feel any less of a person if I refer to myself as a “Nerd”. I for one am not a stupid and feeble person. However! I am “…slavishly devoted to intellectual or academic pursuits.
This blog? This blog is actually an assignment.  Thank you, Social Media Tools. A nerdy subject no doubt, learning to get the most one can from social media. But we nerds have this thing we do…or don’t do. We never seem to conform to society.  So I figure why not have fun with it? I’m a student of many trades. Why not share it and revel in all things glorious and nerdy?  So that’s the plan.  Social Media, News, Technology, Anime, Movies, Tutorials and  writing and rolled into a big fat ball of goodness. Sounds like a project to me.

3 thoughts on “The “Nerd Girl” Project

  1. I totally relate to nerd not being a bad thing! I find myself spending hours convincing my friends their all nerds too and they deny deny deny! I’ll be there when they realize the Truth, Muahahahaha! *cough*

    • It’s really not! It’s slowly becoming one of those “Socially acceptable” things. And your friends will deny it now but one day it will hit them when they aren’t expecting it. That’s just how it happens. 😀 Nerdiness is like a ninja after all.

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